Economic Facts

In only five years, Miami has become the 2nd most attractive city in the US, only after New York. For 2014, Miami was considered to be the 6th most important city around the world, climbing more than 22 figures in the Ultra High Net Worth Individual Index (2009-2014). A Global City re-scales the order in the economic system.

Miami has created an international agglomeration economy, fostering keen economic polestars. At least, five of them are working as parallel reshaping forces within the spatial and socio economic environment at Miami:

Top Global Hedge Funds are investing with a strong focus in 8 figure residences in the Real Estate Market as well as in the commercial industry.
Multinationals and 500 Fortune companies have established their headquarters more rapidly in this pole than ever before.
The government and private sectors have worked in a master economic development plan in which more than 25 Billion USD are being dedicatedly sculpture by the 10th world wide famous architects. Transportation and Infrastructure have been a supporting channel as well as a detonator force for the massive economic and social transformation.
Miami-Dade County has foster new educational policies that are turning the public school system into one of the runners among the US, and finally, all this is hooded by a, culturally rich environment that has encountered a new trend on arts, dinning and high-end retail.